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About TwinFeats Software

TwinFeats Software was founded in 1987 by twin brothers Kent & Kevin Smotherman in Omaha, Nebraska - and we haven't escaped since! We've seen and done just about everything pertaining to computers, from an entire line of programs for Commodore 64, GEOS, Amiga, Palm OS, Psion, and Java. Software including games, utilities, applications, financial, operating systems, and web software makes up our past and present portfolio. And we show no signs of slowing down any time soon!

Almost all our software has always been available for free, and our java source code library comprises over 50,000 lines of code. It's all available right here on our web site albeit "in the raw" with little external documentation. But if you're a java developer yourself with a question about how to do something, you can always try searching our source archive for examples to help guide you. You'll probably notice that a number of the projects found here are somewhat dated or even inactive. Such is the life cycle of free software, but the source remains for the curious to examine and maybe even learn from.

Kent L. Smotherman

Kevin G. Smotherman

Copyright 2003, TwinFeats Software