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TwinFeats Apps for Android Devices

September 1, 2009 We just finished our apps for the second Android Developer Content - three apps in about 6 weeks! They will be available very soon in the Android Market in both trial versions (3 day expiration) and for purchase at $0.99 each. That's right - under a buck for a great app for your Android phone!

Catch trios of fireflies as fast as you can - but only fireflies that have all their characterstics (color, orientation, and blink rate) all the same or all different! It's a fun game of quick thinking and quicker fingers for any number of players. View about or help files.

Breathe into your phone's mic to "fog" up the screen, then draw with your finger - just like on a steamy window! And best of all, you can send your foggles to your friends via email or txt messages right from your phone. Why settle for boring, pre-made emoticons when you can create your own personal foggles to share! View about.

Pick up passengers and drop them off at their houses, sounds easy, huh? But throw in a sliding puzzle for a roadway and you've got the addicting challenge of Taxi Run! Your taxi drives by itself and you have to arrange the puzzle roadway to keep picking up passengers and taking them to their homes. Great mind-bending action and fun! View about or help files.

Shareholder is the game of corporate acquisition and merger, where players vie to be the top business tycoon through strategic planning and ruthless trading. Supports up to 6 players. Human players compete in hot-seat mode. Android player included. Store your favorite players for quick set-up. View rules or help files.


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