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SplashMail is a simple, free, source-available java web application for accessing your email over the web. It may be simple, but it provides all the common features most users need:

  • Access email via POP3 or IMAP
  • Browse, read, reply, and delete messages
  • View message attachments
  • Send messages (SMTP) with attachments

So why did I decide to do SplashMail, aren't there plenty of other choices already out there? That's what I originally thought, too, until I poked around the web and tried some of the alternatives. I tried Horde and SquirrelMail - way too complicated to setup and get running if you ask me. Then I tried all the available java webmail apps: WebMail, JWMA, James - but I couldn't get any of them to work either! A java webmail webapp should be easy to get running, shouldn't it? So I sat down to accomplish just that with SplashMail, and four days later here it is!

Screen shots

Message list   Message view


SplashMail could not be easier to install - just drop the war file into your webapp folder and once your app server expands it make a couple (literally just 2 or 3) entries in the config.ini file and you are set to go. It really is just that simple!


I reccommend that you use IMAP over POP3 if it's available on your email server, it's a lot nicer with more features. SplashMail typically only needs you to configure the mail host names you want to allow. For example, I have configured:

#configure your email servers below
#the required members are one of pop3port or imapport, and mbox

#entries here are used if your email server login does not include your host name
#entries of in the form: username=servername ex:

If you want to use IMAP with SMTP authentication, then all you need to do is change the [] to match your mail server host name. If you need to use POP3, just uncomment the pop3port line and comment out the imapport line.

If your email login user name does not include your host name (so it's something like kent and not then you need to set up entries for the users under the [users] section. Generally speaking this won't be required, but if so SplashMail tries to account for it. User entries are of the form user=host (i.e. so that SplashMail can know which mail server to connect to for the given user name.


v1.7 March 23, 2006:
  • Added spell checker
  • Added folder support (view only)
  • Fixed some connection problems during long editing sessions
v1.3, July 14, 2005:
  • Corrected generation of From email address based on user name for some configs.
v1.2, March 3, 2005:
  • Added optional host entry to config.ini to map IP to domain name
v1.1, January 17, 2005:
  • Removed pre-formatted tags on view text messages and attachments
  • Changed Compose to new window
  • On reply send, closed view/compose window

WAR file to grab-and-go and the Source jar file for the curious.


Well you know this is a free app I threw together in four days - if you have any trouble, email me and I'll see what I can do. :)

Copyright 2003, TwinFeats Software