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Teacher's Assistant for PalmOS (TAP)

(September 6, 2003 - currently in public beta)

If you're a teacher with a PalmOS device, don't write it - TAP it!

Online user manual


Download TAP  TAP Java App

TAP is the ultimate gradebook for PalmOS! Even if you've tried the other gradebook programs available for PalmOS, give TAP a look and you'll discover they have a hard time measuring up the the flexibility of TAP. TAP tracks students, assignments, grades, attendance, and notes for all of them! You can even assign your own letters for attendance so you're not locked into "canned" ones - and you can even choose how many you want! Even more amazing is the option within TAP for not just assignments and standard numeric grades but also activities and performance ratings - perfect for Montessori teachers.

TAP's flexibility doesn't stop there! You can view your main gradebook page either by selecting an assignment and seeing all students and their grades, or by selecting a student and seeing all of that student's assignments and grades. TAP also tracks the points available on an assignment as well as optional weight and will automatically compute student averages for you - a great time saver! TAP also allows you to define categories for assignments and filter your views by category where applicable. So if you want see see how all students have performed on tests, you can only view only tests.

And here's where TAP really flexes - notes. You can assign notes to each student, each assignment, each grade assigned, and each attendance item! No more messy and cluttered scribbles, it's all right at your fingertips with TAP!

TAP is currently in final beta and we hope to have it released before the end of September, 2003. TAP will be available for download soon as a 30 day free evaluation version, and registration will be $15 with volume licensing options. The next phase of TAP development once the PalmOS version is released is for a Java application companion application. This deskop version will read and write the same files as the PalmOS version of TAP and will allow you to print all your data. Following its release will be web support - put your students' grades on the web to share with parents! All of these TAP companion products are planned to be completed before the end of November, 2003. Discounts for PalmOS TAP users will be available as well.

Online user manual

Download TAP  TAP Java App

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